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Duke's Student Section 'Cheer Sheet' Is the Most Cringe Thing You've Ever Seen


Look, I know everybody hates Duke. It's pretty easy to do. They're usually very good, have players that somehow always look even more like gigantic assholes than the year before and have had Mike Krzyzewski running the ship for four decades.

But this level of cringe is hard for even Duke to pull off.

Making a student section "cheer sheet" for adults is bad enough to begin with, but it would be one thing if the stuff on there was at least mildly funny. Each bullet point on this piece of paper made me more embarrassed for people I've never met than the one before it. Let's take a look at just a couple of these bangers.

- "He knows how to juggle, so he can join the circus when basketball doesn't work out … Oh wait, he plays for UVA so he's already there!"

- "Barstool Athlete red flag emojis"

- "Bro is literally from Croatia. Don't you have a World Cup to lose?"

- "The singer Tony Bennett might be a better coach than him."

You can read the whole thing if you're able to make it through it. This is truly some of the most embarrassing shit I've ever read in my life. Someone sits down to do this for every home game and prints it out being proud of their work? I definitely do not want to meet that guy.

Imagine being a normal Duke student who just wants to enjoy going to a school that has one of the best basketball programs of all-time. Simply going to games is not an option. You have to either join their cult, camp out for weeks at a time and follow these cheer sheets or you can watch the games at home.

Surely the cheer sheet worked out for them, though.