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Chick Fil A Implementing A Futuristic Lever System In The Kitchen Is Exactly Why They're 100 Years Ahead Of Their Competition

Fucking Chick-Fil-A, man. How can one fast food restaurant be so perfect? To clarify I am talking SOLELY about the food & operations at their restaurants so please don't kick my ass since they're obviously not the perfect company all-around as we all know. Though at the actual restaurants themselves no one comes even close. The staff is all so helpful & nice that you'd literally think their robots. I mean there was a day a few months ago where I ordered Chick-fil-a to our office and it didn't come on time so you know what they did? They sent me a gift card for a free sandwich and a free cookie! What other national fast food conglomerate is gonna do that? The answer is no one else. It's the best.

And you know what I haven't even mentioned yet? Oh that's right! The fucking FOOD. You can make an argument the classic chicken sandwich is the most iconic sandwich in fast food (outside of the Big Mac of course since we respect our greats), the fries are second to none, the nuggies (even grilled) slap, and of course the creme de la creme is their sauce. I would go as far to say their signature sauce is the best sauce on the planet and that's including full-blown restaurant sauces as well. 

As if all of that isn't enough now they're implementing futuristic levers to make their service EVEN BETTER. Those bastards can already have 20 cars deep in the drive-thru and yet you're out of there in 5-10 minutes! This is like Thanos getting all 6 infinity stones after already being the strongest being in the universe due to having 5. Simply unfair. Pray for the rest of the fast food game. Next thing you know they may drop the whole eat chiken campaign & get into the burger game as well. Then everyone's FUCKED.