I Hereby Submit Cantaloupe As A Prospect For The Newest High Noon Flavor

High Noons, man. Truly one of my favorite things that is offered on this beautiful Earth that we live in & I'm not just saying that. The all-natural juices along with the real vodka simply makes for the best seltzer there is. Another plus of this whole thing is the array of flavors. They got mango. They got passion fruit. They got grapefruit. They got lime. Then they have the glorious pineapple before the 2 BIG DOGS in Peach & Watermelon. 

Yet as High Noon is this ever-growing empire they of course seem to want to expand and make some more flavors for us folks out there to enjoy. So once I saw Dave put up that story on Instagram asking for people's opinions on the new flavors I had to text him to throw Cantaloupe in the ring. I've been saying for YEARS how all these seltzers have somehow never blessed the people with a good old fashioned cantaloupe flavor.

As the boss man said in that cantaloupe the forgotten fruit? It truly may be because there is no 2 ways around it that cantaloupe (when ripe) tastes absolutely off the charts. In my upper echelon of fruit along with peak watermelon & peak grapes though it doesn't get nearly the respect it deserves. I think High Noon may need to just take on the challenge to make this in order to remind the people the EXCELLENCE of cantaloupes.