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Instagram Removing Some Of My Dude Cleavage With Jordan Spieth Is A Real Shame

This was very disappointing to see. After we released a magnificent Sundae Conversation 2 weeks ago I decided to throw the very photo that was discussed in the video on my Instagram timeline. It made for a great story as Jordan Spieth and I swapped phones so he sent a selfie of us 2 & Caleb to a female friend of mine that I happened to had recently been texting. Here's the photo for reference.


That photo right there was removed for NUDITY! Where was the nudity? I see no nudity as far as the eye can see! So what could it have been? I think the only option has to be my dude cleavage while hanging out with the fellas, right? Jordan's face ain't nudity. Caleb's face ain't nudity. As sexy as my face is it ain't nudity. The only option out there simply has to be that wonderful cleavage I'm rocking due to that those first 3 buttons unbuttoned on my prolific Balls Beachwear shirt. 

Simply a real shame that that had to be taken down yet everyone else out there in the world is throwing up God only knows what on the 'gram at will. A shame, a real shame.