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The Chiclets Cup In Vegas Was A Rousing Success

The Spittin' Chiclets crew and everybody who came out to Vegas for the Chiclets Cup last weekend had an absolute blast. Whether playing in one of the tourneys or watching the games, I don't know of a single person that didn't have a great time. Here's a wrap-up...

Wednesday. Arrived in Vegas for first time since Malcolm Butler pick. Checked in at The Strat. Appeared on a Vegas marquee.


Tourney registration took place for a few hours, shot the shit with folks. Was gifted this sweet jersey from A.J. Gallante himself. 

And saw these sweet Boba Fett Adidas.

Was beat from travel and had early wake-up so just enjoyed a drink or two before heading to room. 

Thursday. Walked across the street to the rinks about 9AM. It's pretty cool how HockeyFest just plops down boards on a parking lot and, voila, instant tourney. 

Opening ceremonies featured the first-ever Chiclets wedding proposal.


This tourney's jersey was pretty sweet.

Who's this guy?

My old squad Team Barstool got the W in their first game with new goalie Chef Donny killing it in net.


Biz's successful penalty shot gets the Big Deal Selects the win in their first game.

The turnout is great. In addition to the hundreds of tourney participants, hundreds of other people come by to watch, hang out, and enjoy a Pink Whitney or three. Also, man rocket Patrick Sharp played for Team Barstool.

Was awesome time chatting with listeners from all over the world for the entire day. Our fans are the best. 

After the games, I got gussied up and headed over to Resorts World. This hotel/casino opened less than a year ago and is pretty damn nice inside. The Chiclets Cup party was at Red Tail and filled up quickly (great odds for the ladies given the plethora of sausage). The place closed at midnight but I didn't feel like hitting the club after so I headed back to The Strat for a few pops.

Friday. Didn't have to be up as early today. Rooted the boys on once again.


I gave Chef Donny a some hungover goalie tips.

Then he saved the day with this unreal save.

Biz's squad of ringers battled back to win a barn-burner.


After winning in the semis, Team Barstool took home the title.

But Biz couldn't beat his nemesis, the Nose Face Killah, in the finals.

After we doled out the trophies, it was off to the Skills Competition. After that, I had a few pops with Mr. Bad Beats himself.


Then it was off to Hakkasan for Loud Luxury with some NHL All-Stars.

I wasn't a club guy when I was young enough to be one but I was tonight. Actually stayed til closing then played a little roulette before calling it a night.

Saturday. The All-Star Game(s) plays second fiddle to the Skills when it comes to entertainment. And the most entertaining thing to happen on the ice came courtesy of our guy Pasha who took this Looney Tunes-level dixie.

Then we recorded Chiclets with a buckled crew to finish the work week.


Meanwhile on the Strip, this went down with one of the Big Deal Selects ringers, Connor Donaghey. 

Just a nice, drunken Canadian giving some love to Lionel Richie. I met a college buddy for a few then finished the night with the one and only Terry Ryan.

Sunday. Slept in a little bit. Then headed down to South Point to visit my old man before heading to the airport. It's more a local joint off the Strip but I was very impressed with the place and would definitely stay there. Played a little roulette and had a few drinks to hopefully knock me out for the red-eye.

The whole weekend was fantastic. The food trucks were delicious. The booze was flowing. The crowd was fun. And the Spittin' Chiclets crew can't thank everyone enough for coming out, especially those who trekked in from out-of-state to hang out and watch some street/roller hockey. Just a dynamite weekend and we can't wait to do it again in Buffalo this summer.