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An Oregon Mayor and Favorite in the Governor's Race and His Cute Wife are Outed as Swingers, and He is Totally Fine With That

If you're as plugged into the Oregon political scene as I am - which is to say, not even the tiniest bit - than like me you're probably not interested in knowing that Mayor Stan Pulliam of Sandy is running for Governor, and is currently polling among the leaders in the race. 

But if you're even more like me, then the news that Mayor Pulliam and his wife MacKensey were just outed as swingers makes his the most compelling candidacy of the 2022 elections. 


Source -  A Republican candidate in the packed Republican Primary for Oregon Governor has been forced to admit he was a swinger after his posts on a private Facebook group were leaked ahead of the race.

Stan Pulliam, who is also the mayor of his hometown of Sandy, told his local paper that he and his wife of 12 years MacKensey 'ultimately decided' that the lifestyle 'wasn't for us,' but that he is 'not ashamed' of the decisions they 'made in the privacy of [their] own home.' 

The 40-year-old told the Williamette Week that he and MacKensey, 'explored relationships, mutual relationships with other couples, for a brief period of time.' 

'Several years ago, MacKensey and I, as a couple explored relationships with other couples for a brief period of time before we ultimately decided to focus solely on each other, our marriage and our family,' he expounded in a statement sent to ...

Pulliam was pushed to speak out about his unusual married life after Facebook posts and a photo from Portland's Erotic Ball in 2011 surfaced. In it, the couple talk about being excited to join the swinging community and he even comments on illicit photos of other members. ...

Pulliam is a favorite to win the GOP nomination in the liberal state, and he has said he has no intentions of withdrawing from the race.

I don't know the first thing about this guy's record as Mayor of Sandy. I don't know what kind of platform he's running on. I don't know what he intends to do for his state if elected. But ladies and gentlemen, it is my pleasure to introduce to you for the very first time, the Governor-Elect of the great state of Oregon … Stan Pulliam and the next First Lady, MacKensey Pulliam!!!

Good work, whatever candidate's opposition research team dug this up. And nice attempt to use this as a cudgel to try and tear Mayor Pulliam's campaign down. But the only ones who'll be on their knees are the people in their Swinger's group. And only then, for the very best of reasons. 

This is a big swing and a miss for whoever thought it would make this proud Wife Swapper drop out of the race in disgrace. All you probably succeeded in doing was getting Pulliam elected. Oregon strikes me as one of the most socially progressive, sexually liberated states in the union. If not THE most. There's probably a huge voting bloc of sex party aficionados who have just been waiting for a candidate that shares their values. And you've delivered them the Orgy Governor they've always dreamed of. 

Let this be a lesson to everyone who's the target of a hit like this. Don't deny it. Don't back down. Don't run from it. And don't ever, ever apologize. You and your loving spouse decided it would spice things up to get some strange. You mutually agreed to take turns watching one another take other people's spouses to Pound Town, like free Americans. "Polling" the female voters while MacKensey rides the F-Train with some random husband might not be everyone's concept of Family Values, but it worked for you both. For a while at least. And there is nothing whatsoever to be ashamed of is doing what is best for your marriage. 

So congratulations to Mayor and Mrs. Pulliam. You are true American patriots. This is still the land of the free and the home of the brave. And life doesn't get any freer or braver than orgies with people you met on Facebook.



Stan Pulliam: The most honest politician since Councilman Dexhart:

See you in the White House sooner or later, President and First Lady Pulliam.