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WHO is "Chad"?

In episode 1.5 of the Mean Girl Podcast, my lovely co-host (who texts me really mean things past 8pm), Jordyn, revealed that she has a crush at WORK. Ground for termination, I know. I want her fired too. (I'm working on it, #meangirlstuff)

We gave this mystery crush an alias... CHAD. Chad is short for CHADDY, which is long for ZADDY. 

Anyways, Jordyn gave two hints about Chads identity: 

1) He was not at the holiday party.

2) He is in production or content.

That leaves everyone to chose from. 

(Except KB. She did mention him being at the holiday party, so you can rule him out) 

Naturally, we did a poll with the 4 most guessed names of who Chad is (these were not our choices, we did an answer box on Instagram, and these names were most reoccurring. AKA: Chad could absolutely not be on this list)

Rudy clearly won the poll. But, I'd like to point out that option lacks creativity since he is our producer. Would we really do that? OR.. would we, obviously, do that? 

Enter Rone at the Yak live show tonight:

That would be quite a NICKname. Who knows. 

(Jordyn and I, we know)


Follow along our freshman year at Barstool chronicles on the Mean Girl Pod: Including, but not limited to, Jordyn's office crush.

Episodes 1-2 out now.