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Joey Chestnut Is A First Ballot Hall Of Fame American Hero

This is just a random video of Joey Chestnut eating pizzas against the Coastal Carolina football team from this last season. It's of no particular significance in the world of competitive eating other than it serves as the perfect example of why Joey Chestnut is a sports icon. In a room full of athletically tuned, genetically inclined division 1 alpha males harboring gross amounts of testosterone, Joey Chestnut stands alone. Even in the heat of competition, there's no doubt as to the identity of the true Big Dog in that locker room. It's the guy pulled out the 3-slice fold just to lap the field. It's Joey Chestnut. 

This may seem like random praise but it's most certainly not. We drafted Joe/Joseph/Joey's this week on the Snake Draft with the following categories: 

1. Dead

2. Musician

3. Actor

4. Fictional

5. Sports

Without a doubt, Sports is by far the deepest category of Joes. I didn't know it prior to my research, but Joe isn't a name that accomplishes a whole lot in the other fields. Music? Entertainment? Even the dead category is very thin and that literally includes every single person in the history books named Joe. 

Giphy Images.

Different testament but you get the point. Not exactly the deepest roster, which is why I couldn't contain myself come 4th overall pick. I needed the #1 in the deepest category. I needed Joey Chestnut for my Sports Joe.

Only problem is we might have killed Clem in the first round. He thought Pesci would be there at 2nd overall and Chestnut would be a late round steal? This isn't Halloween Candy. We're not drafting potato chips or classic cereals. The Joe's draft requires a more thorough strategy and needless to say Clem was on tilt from the start. Did he do enough to overcome it? Tune in to find out as we celebrate the best Joe's of all time.