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Stephen A. Smith Went At Tiki Barber's Neck Live On ESPN

I thought it was bad when Tiki Barber turned the entire Giants fanbase against himself after years of working to become a BELOVED player by talking shit against Eli then watching the Giants immediately win a Super Bowl against an undefeated team with the greatest coach and quarterback ever as Michael Strahan took the entire career path that Tiki dreamed of while working overnights at WFAN. But now having the baddest man at ESPN coming for his ass because of what I can gather is from what Tiki said in this video is a whole other set of problems. 

Fighting Stephen A. in a war of words is like fighting a land war in Asia or fighting a mud war against Dave Portnoy. It's not as much that you are going to lose, but there is really no way to win. I mean how do you defeat someone that has said he either wins a debate or learns something new which means he technically won anyway, or says he would've gotten OJ locked up?

You can't.

I mean just listen to the way Stephen A. rides that ESPN beat perfectly to end the show while casually pumping up his journo stats. It's enough to make you forget that awkward peace sign by Molly. And saying you won't mention the stuff Tiki did is so much worse than actually saying it since people will either remember it or go to the internet to look it up. A true master class by a man at the top of his profession, even though nothing beats this version of passive aggressive Stephen A.