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Kyrie Irving Now Putting Blame On "Media Plants" While Also Holding James Harden To His Word Is Very Funny

OK come on, this is funny. You could make the case that the Nets are the least self aware team in the league. Well not so much KD, but the rest? Yikes. You have Harden talking about how it's bullshit you can't play defense without getting touch fouls


and Nash complaining about the lack of calls as well. Now we have Kyrie coming out amid a 8 game losing streak saying all this drama surrounding James Harden and the team is all because of "media plants". Ah yes, those pesky media plants. They always seem to follow Kyrie wherever he goes! You would think they would start to focus on someone else or something. But that's not the best part of that quote. That part is clearly the whole "we just hold him to his word" part. That legit made me laugh out loud when I read it seeing as how ya know....this exists

Look, I don't think either side misses each other at this point. Enough time has gone by where we can look back and laugh at that whole scenario given the fact that now we have Kyrie saying we should just take people at their word. If you can't find the humor in that then I dunno what to tell ya. There's also the whole thing "being committed" part, yet Kyrie himself is only a part time player. That's clearly not exactly working for the Nets unless their goal all along has been to drop to a below top 4 seed so he can play more postseason games. I think it's safe to say that would be a bit of a stretch.

But back to the "media plants" part. It's not exactly a secret that at this time of the year, everyone is posturing. You're going to have Morey reach out to his guys and leak stuff, and then the Nets are going to go to their guys and refute it. That's how the game works. Somewhere in the middle of all that, there's some truth to it. We know this because back when Kyrie was a Celtic and he blamed all the "media plants" for the drama surrounding him and his future, it all ended up being true. At this point, nobody is really trying to hear Kyrie cry about "the media" when it comes to this drama. Yeah, they are going to foam at the mouth when spicy drama exists with a team like BKN because that's how the world works. Even more so when you are losing. Welcome to the NBA.

Just look at today. On one hand, you have someone like Bill Simmons (????) come out and say the Nets are down to trade for Harden as long as Seth Curry is in the deal. Then on the other hand, that report was immediately refuted


Basically, someone is lying! Remember, Simmons is very very tight with Daryl Morey. It's not exactly a shock that Morey would want the word out there that this deal is still alive. But is this all due to "media plants"? That seems far fetched. This is most likely coming down to both sides posturing, trying to get the absolute most out of each other. Maybe the Nets actually aren't interested because they want to see their core in a playoff series. Maybe the are asking for Maxey, but Morey wants it to be Curry instead, so that's what he leaks. It's all a game from now until Thursday.

But there's just something about Kyrie dodging blame and then talking about holding people to what they say that just makes me laugh. It's only going to heat up over the next 3 days, so I advise you buckle up and make sure you have your Twitter notifications on.