WhiteSox Dave Gave Me Food Poisoning!!

Two weeks ago Dave decided to unthaw some venison from his deer he had named "Carl". I am not sure how Carl had been stored in the past couple of months and I am also unsure why I had not questioned this before agreeing to helping Dave put the meat through the kitchen aid meat grinder. 

Honestly, after rewatching the video, the meat does look a little sketch. I am not saying that the venison was bad meat in general. I am saying that this meat could have thawed then refroze and then thawed again. I don't know how these knuckleheads stored Carl. Either way I went with it. 

So Dave and I grinned up the meat and Dave being the good guy he is offered to cook venison burgers. Am I ever going to turn down a burger? Absolutely not! Should I have? Absolutely! 

Approximately one hour later there was a churning in my stomach. Instantly an "oh crap" moment. Literally. I drove home feeling fine. Then the next day came along and BAM it hit me. Food poisoning at its finest. Stomach craps from hell and other symptoms that I probably don't have to spell out for ya. 

Eddie asked me about the situation last week on Friday Night Pints. 

And then Dave started to whine about it on twitter! 

I am not 100 percent it was the venison BUT I do know that it has a good chance at being the suspect in this case. It was the worst experience and I do not wish it upon anybody. I had to even cancel my mini weekend Florida vacation. It was just overall a sad couple of days. 

So that leads me to the question for anybody reading this..

Do you think Dave poisoned me?