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Zendaya Deserves Thousands Of Emmys For Her Performance In Last Night's Episode Of Euphoria (SPOILERS)


I'm nearly speechless after last night's episode of Euphoria, which centered almost entirely around Rue's family's attempted (and I guess ultimately successful?) intervention. It's very hard to have a full episode focusing primarily on one character - normally something like this would be essential to the story, but end up falling flat as one of the "more boring" episodes in any series. NOT THIS TIME.

I think a lot of people have the same feelings this season - we don't love "drug Rue." Its very sad, she's not cool or fun when she's fucked up, and we've been waiting for someone or something to bring her to her senses. We of course know that Rue is on the hook for 10 grand, taking 10k worth of drugs from that crazy bird lady and hiding the suitcase full in her room. Last episode her new drug friend Elliot spilled the beans to Jules, who turned around and told Rue's mom what was going on. The following ensued, while she started to go through withdrawal:

- she tore her entire house apart looking for the suitcase

- she tried to physically fight her mom

- blamed her sister for snitching when she didn't do anything

- alternated between screaming about what an awful family they were, and apologizing through tears 

- realized Jules and Elliot were in the living room and heard the entire thing, told Jules she was dead to her 

- agreed to get in the car to go to the hospital 

- jumped out of the car in the middle of an intersection

- ran away while looking for more drugs 

- fell asleep in a gutter, got up, ran to Fez's house, he wasn't home 

- ran to Lexi's house; Maddy, Kat and Cassie were all there

- Tried to steal pills from Lexi's mom, stole earrings instead

- BLEW UP Cassie and Nate in front of everyone after her mom and sister showed up, sprinted out the door during the commotion 

- Broke into a random couple's house, stole jewelry and cash, got caught when they came home, somehow made it out 

- ran back to Fez's house, he was home and let her in, she tried to steal pills from his grandmother, he threw her out 

- she runs into the police, starts running away from them, jumping over fences and onto cars, eventually dodges them entirely after running through traffic and causing major accidents (again, how)

-  last resort, she heads to the crazy lady drug dealer's house to give her the cash and jewelry and explain she doesn't have the rest of the money yet 

- the lady acts nice to her, but actually preys on her and gives her intravenous morphine. Promptly puts a lot on the door and has someone standing guard with a gun. Leaves you thinking that this bitch absolutely has girls locked up in a basement somewhere being human trafficked. 

- Rue somehow escapes AGAIN. 

The episode ends on Rue's mother at the kitchen table, with the sound of a door opening and her calling out for Rue. I think safe to assume she finally came home? CHRIST ALMIGHTY. Of course, after such a display, we're all calling for immediate Emmys for Zendaya:

And well deserved. The range of emotions she went through - the expressions, the pain, the PHYSICAL STUFF? This bitch ran all over town, during drug withdrawal, and only puked once! Oh, and if Rue's ABSURD behavior alone wasn't enough, she decided to choose the exact moment she was backed into a corner, embarrassed in front of everyone she knew, to blow up the biggest plotline of the show, and Cassie's life. "How long have you been fucking Nate Jacobs?" YIKES!!!! Desperate people, especially those who are in the midst of drug-related desperation, do not give a FUCK who they hurt in the process of keeping themselves out of trouble. Shouts to both Cassie and Maddy who's stellar acting reactions in that moment still shined through all of the Rue stuff. Cassie's panic, Maddy's anger, Kat and Lexi's anxiety - I don't think I took a breath the entire hour and change. WHAT a performance.