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We Gave The Chainsmokers The Proper Gifts In Order For Them To Become The Greatest DJ Duo in The World

When you look at all of the world's greatest DJ's there is CLEARLY one thing in common. Do they all have massive bangers? Of course they do, but it goes even deeper than that. The DJ world is also about style past the bangers! You look at someone like Marshmello- he's got his massive marshmello head with that smiley face that he somehow wears whenever he's DJ'ing the night away at a club. You look at Deadmau5! He's got his possessed-Mickey Mouse helmet he's always rocking and I'm pretty sure that guys doing alright despite disgracing one of America's most beloved mouses. And of course you have the wonderful DJ duo in Daft Punk rocking their stormtrooper helmets 24/7/365. There seems to be a correlation here and I'm gonna go out on a limb and say it's the helmets. 

As Caleb and I are 2 guys that need to look out for the Chainsmokers and their careers there was only one thing we could do to finish off this Sundae Conversation and that was OBVIOUSLY to get them their very own helmets so they can join that club mentioned above. It made for an all-time wait till the end moment.