Henrik Lundqvist Is Readily Available If The Foo Fighters Ever Need A New Guitarist

So as most of y'all know if you're into the hockey world that the great & endlessly handsome Henrik Lundqvist got his number retired by the New York Rangers last Friday night and with getting your number retired comes a number of gifts. Not all of 'em were knock-your-socks-off cool, BUT the customized guitar from the Swedish fella that has designed all of Henrik's mask in his day was nothing short of fucking SICK.

Not only is it an absolutely beautiful guitar (I know nothing about the guitar world though it would be impossible to not recognize as cool of a guitar as that), but it was given to a hell of a guitarist in Henrik himself. Yes, as if being one of the best goalies of all-time and unbearably hot, this man has be a rockstar on the guitar for years on end. Simply unfair. We're all over rubbing here 2 sticks together meanwhile he's got a zippo (shoutout George Costanza).

And now this man has the audacity to drop a Foo Fighters cover with his brand spankin' new guitar all over us on Rangers twitter. Even in retirement you cannot stop Henrik Lundqvist, you can only hope to contain him. Need this man to find his way into some sort of band in the near future with the Foo Fighters being an obvious choice. I'm sure he could also KILL My Hero.