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Sean McVay Winning a Super Bowl Would Still Not Be More Ridiculous Than Beating Calvin Johnson for Georgia High School Player of the Year in 2003

Sean McVay is the head coach of a Los Angeles Rams team which is favored to win a Super Bowl ring in less than a week. For virtually anyone, this is the pinnacle of accomplishment in football and the best thing they could ever hope to achieve — and I'm positive McVay would still tell you that's the case for him. But in terms of the most insane thing McVay has accomplished in the sport, winning a Super Bowl with this Rams team wouldn't even come close.

McVay won Georgia Player of the Year in 2003 over another guy you may have heard of before named Calvin Johnson. You know, the guy who's already in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

This is one of those things that has been talked about time and again before, but it never really gets less crazy. McVay did quarterback his Marist School team to the AAAA state title that season and his highlight tape is certainly better than you'd think. Though I will say he was running the triple option, which makes it pretty easy to accumulate 65-yard passing touchdowns after you've run the ball 14 times in a row.

But we're talking about beating out THIS guy — there's only one high school video of Megatron and it's worse quality than the Zapruder Film, so just enjoy him destroying ACC opponents.

Johnson was a five-star recruit who went on to be the best player in the history of his college as well as arguably the greatest receiver to play professional football — if he had played for any franchise other than the Detroit Lions, I don't think that would even be a debate. McVay was outside the top 2,000 recruits nationally and somehow beat Johnson out for the award.

I guess this was a situation where they just gave it to the quarterback on the best team who was good enough to somewhat justify it because they knew Johnson was going to be fine. Kobe didn't have a single stat better than LeBron in 2008, but he won he MVP anyway because everyone knew LeBron would win plenty more and they wanted to make sure Kobe got one.

I'd say everything worked out great for Megatron and McVay, who everyone definitely agreed in 2003 would both have extreme levels of success in the NFL.