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Winter Olympics Update: German Ski Jumper Juliane Seyfarth Posed For Playboy To 'Raise Awareness For The Sport', Apparently Has A Secret IG

I love the Olympics. You get stories from athletes all across the world. You start to watch events you have no idea were a thing but all of a sudden you are an expert. I felt that way last night watching downhill skiing. I've never skied before. 0 times in my life. But here I was criticizing these dudes for falling or not taking the right line - whatever the hell that means. 

So meet Juliane Seyfarth. She's a German ski jumper who is one of the best in the world. She finished 14th in woman's individual normal hill - again, whatever that means - in these Olympics. But you see, she means way more to the sport? Why? She's willing to bring awareness to the sport by getting naked. (h/t Sun)

TWO-TIME ski-jumping world champion Juliane Seyfarth has posed naked for Playboy Magazine to 'raise awareness for the sport'.

The German is the cover star for the March edition of Playboy Germany and is hopeful the pictures will be well received.

Seyfarth hopes the photos will be 'welcomed by everyone because they draw positive attention to our sport'.

Hard to argue with that! I mean she caught my attention and now I'm blogging about ski jumping. Boom, positive attention to the sport. I never would have googled results of ski jumping or looked to find it on TV if I didn't know about this story. Sure, it may be impossible to find out what's live in the Olympics or what's on when, but I'll still look. 


And if that wasn't enough she apparently has a 2nd Instagram under a different name. (h/t Daily Star) 

A German ski-jumper has a second Instagram account where she posts nude snaps under a different name.

Juliane Seyfarth, who will be competing in the Winter Olympics in Beijing, is no stranger to showing off on her normal Instagram account.

But it’s on her second account - where she goes by the name of Nayeli - where she truly posts her raciest material to followers

Now I did my investigative work and can say the 2nd Instagram's profile picture is the same as one of Seyfarth's. So it checks out. Here's the picture in question. 

Good for Juliane though. Bring awareness to the sport, compete at the Olympics and have some fun. That's all that matters anyways.