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Advice For Fans Of Providence, The Luckiest Team In College Basketball

Did I throw that headline in there because Providence fans will 100% get mad at it? Yes, of course. They don't want to be called lucky. Let me tell you guys, embrace it. That's my advice. Luck is part of the game. There's a reason there's a luck metric now and Providence is No. 1 in the country in it. Not only are they number 1, but they are number 1 by a wide margin. 

Providence is also 20-2. Fucking outrageous to say out loud because Providence hasn't won 20 games since 2017-18. It makes no sense because of how Providence is winning. Granted when they lose, THEY LOSE. I'd argue no one is better at losing than Providence. They get it all out, with losses by 18 and roughly 152. But there's no reason to be mad that you're lucky. A team in the country is that way every year. Who cares that you caught Wisconsin without Johnny Davis? Still won. Who cares if you catch Nova without Justin Moore or Collin Gillespie? Still can win. Who cares that you're not making up conference games that were canceled? Okay, that one matters, but you're still going to win the conference because of that help. 

I can say this, there really hasn't been a team like Providence in quite some time. 20-2, but the metrics hate them. They are 41st on KenPom and 26th in NET. It's not like they are a mid-major where see this too. They are in the Big East! Outside of the 20 wins, there's a ton to like about this team. Jared Bynum is the prototypical Ed Cooley point guard who can run the offense, but also get a bucket when needed. 

Nate Watson is obviously a star in the post. But then they have roles. Justin Minaya is one of the 5 best defenders in the Big East. Noah Horchler is that stretch 4 that gives Watson some space to work. So just embrace it. Embrace being lucky. Embrace people saying 'yeah, but' when it comes to your team. It's what this sport is about considering we dictate a champion solely on matchup based 6 games. Fact is you're in consideration for a top-4 seed and winning the Big East. That's what matters.