It Is WILD That The 'Tinder Swindler' Sociopath Continues To Live a Lavish Life In Israel With His Model Girlfriend

As we all suffered from football withdrawal this weekend, one program dominated our attention — Netflix's 'Tinder Swindler.' Simon Leviev is one bad mamma jamma who conned his way to over $10 million dollars by tricking women on Tinder that he was this high profile diamond dealer in Europe. In reality it was just some elaborate ponzi scheme of love that allowed him to live a lavish life at the expense of these poor women. If you haven't watched yet, give the two hour true crime documentary a whirl. If you have, let's talk about it.  

First and foremost as you read in the title, Simon Leviev is somehow free as a bird right now living a lavish life over in Israel where he currently dates a model. Meanwhile the women he tricked into taking out millions of dollars worth of loans are stuck trying to do what they can to pay off their creditors. I can't put my finger on it, but something there feels off. All this dude got was 5 months in jail??? Five whole months and none of it was for the shit he did in the doc, but rather for stuff back in 2011. Nuts. He should be in jail solely for the fact that he sends those long voice messages. Anyone who sends frequently sends voice messages should be locked up, unless you're a mom who is driving somewhere then I'll allow it. 


These credit companies can't do a single thing to him and instead have to go after the women for the money? Where's the sense in that? Ask him if he'd do it again and the answer 'yes' would come out before you finished the question. Oh no Tinder said they recently banned Simon on their app, what on Earth is he going to do? I don't know maybe use his expertise of forging checks, passports, and changing his name to get around a "ban?" Credit to Tinder for banning him on their app though; not all heroes wear capes. That'll really show him. 

The internet has unearthed his current girlfriend Kate Konlin who doesn't appear to have a care in the world who her boyfriend is. 

She took down her Instagram recently to avoid all the hate comments I'm sure, but Kate Konlin knowing all of this happened and staying with Simon is diabolical if that's really what is happening. The definition of playing with fire and you gotta respect how absurd a move that is. She better hope his infamous enemies don't come back to get him. By the way none of these girls bothered to ask who his enemies were? Like I feel horrible for what they went through and are still dealing with, but we gotta asking more questions. We can't be giving passport info 10 minutes into the first date. Also why doesn't the son of a billionaire diamond dealer have any diamonds? Cecile's friends knew five minutes in that this dude was a criminal, but it never crossed her mind once somehow. Don't get me wrong Simon is an evil, piece of shit, sociopath, but we gotta stop and pause for a second before taking out those loans. 


Simon's instagram went down sometime this past weekend, but appears up and running again as I'm typing this. Update: He's gone private now 

By the way it's a real shame we never got more info on his bodyguard Peter. Might need a second doc just on his side of the deal. I need to hear Peter's story. 

Also who is the mother of his kid? Did she get pregnant with his child before he was caught years ago and stuck around after for the money? Now she plays the accomplice to convince the women he's a great guy? What a heel turn. 

I think the biggest lesson I learned was do not, by any means mess with the Dutch. Ayleen is a force to be reckoned with and you do not want to cross this woman. I feel like Ayleen may have profited at the end of the day selling all his fancy clothes. 


Simon goes to sleep at night terrified Ayleen is going to show up at his doorstep.

P.S. I think I'm in love with Pernilla.