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98 Yards. 

TWO touchdowns!

Absolute and total perfection right there. My beautiful baby boy put on a show in Allegiant Stadium yet again, proving to the world that he is establishing his place among the ELITE quarterbacks in the NFL. How did QB2 Pat Mahomes do, you ask? 50 yards and a pick on 50% completion. What an absolute joke of a QB! He should probably retire after giving that shitty of a performance in front of the billions of people watching the Pro Bowl. 

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In all seriousness, obviously nobody really gives a shit about the pro bowl. It's kinda cool seeing all of the best players in one place, but that is really about it. The novelty of the actual game wears off after about two seconds of watching two hand touch bullshit. 

It would obviously be great to see the best and/or most popular players duel it out at full speed, but I don't think any of us want one of our favorite team's stars to get a long term injury in a meaningless game. Sort of a lose lose situation all around.

The only actual positive I am taking from this pro bowl is that Derwin James and Tyrann Mathieu are becoming best friends. 

Time to lure the honey badger away from the corny empire and over to us! I know Tom Telesco will never make it happen, but please make it happen, Tom.