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A Travel Baseball Team's Coach Rips Apart A Player's Swing In A Video Saying He Had A "Pitching Machine Swing". That Player Was Mike Trout.

Just another example of how everyone on twitter thinks they are the smartest person ever. Mike Trout uploaded a video of himself hitting in a gym last week, just a short quick video taking some hacks. A twitter used took the video and tweeted it saying "my friends son needs some help. Any tip/suggestions?" and boy did he get some tips and suggestions. It's so very clearly a joke, but some people just can't take the hints.

Twitter user @Michael_schlact bought into the joke and gave some heartfelt tips to this unknown hitter.

"Too stiff. Too much uppercut. Will never make it swinging like that. Toss is wrong too. Setting him up for failure. 

Wow. So bad. Good luck to that kid."

Funny tweet, he obviously knows it's Trout and is playing along. This is when the twitter coaches come out and really start showing how smart they are. 

THE EVANSVILLE DEVILS BASEBALL TWITTER SAID MIKE TROUT HAS A PITCHING MACHINE SWING! A 17 U team account is out here roasting one of the best players we've ever seen play the game. This one 100% is not a joke, he's fully thinking that he is picking apart the swing of this kid and giving him tips. How do you not know this is Mike Trout? He has one of the most recognizable swings in baseball. I don't think you should be able to manage baseball if you can't recognize Mike Trout taking a swing. Someone goes "you for real?" hoping that this was another joke. But it wasn't.

He doubles down on it! He talks about how Trout has an upper cut swing and it won't work. I mean talk about putting your foot in your mouth. The Evansville Devils account manager needs to read the room, he's out here thinking he's changing some young high school kid's swing, meanwhile he's telling a future Hall of Famer that he has a bad swing. 

Our guy @michael_schlact hits him with a "you realize that's Mike Trout, right?"

WOMP WOMP. Smacked right in the face with a dose of reality. Again, I don't understand how you can manage baseball at any level and not know that this is a video of Mike Trout. Talk about egg on your face. Thinking that you are helping shape and mold a high schoolers swing, nope, just Mike Trout and his picture perfect swing. Woof. He then went on to double down and said he stands by his philosophy. Whatever helps you sleep at night, bud. If you're a player on this guys team you can't take anything he says serious from now on. Actually, I'm doing the opposite of what this coach says. He says Trout's swing won't work, sure bud. This guy's kids are going to run circles around him next time they see him, good luck getting these guys to run sprints next practice. How can you listen to a coach say that Mike Trout's swing won't work? But of course Trout takes the high road and hits us with some emojis as he always does. 

Just remember, you're not the smartest person on twitter. Never.