The Pro Bowl Has Officially Become A Two Hand Touch Football Game

I'll be honest, I haven't thought about the Pro Bowl for one second ever since Evan Engram made it last year. For all I know Michael Irvin and Jerry Rice are still picking teams in between a 5 minute laughing soliloquy. But I saw these videos come across on my timeline and legitimately wonder if they have changed the rules to two hand touch to skew the year end player safety numbers for Goodell or some shit. I won't do any research or actually watch the game to find out the answer. But I will blog it, even though it looks like nobody even wanted to lay two hands worth of violence on Darius Leonard during this play.

This is the part where most people would demand the Pro Bowl be changed for the honor of the game or some other blowhard take. But let's be honest, that's not going to happen. We'll still keep getting a softer game year after year as players get a paid vacation with their bonuses followed by 1000 think pieces about how to fix the Pro Bowl followed by stats like these.

Which is why you should get used to seeing special teams plays like this:


Instead of Sean Taylor hitting Brian Moorman so hard that he became an answer by Team Mick Team Coley in The Dozen All-Star Game:

See you guys back here in two weeks for the How To Save The NBA Dunk Contest blog or if we're lucky How That Dunk Contest Saved The NBA Dunk Contest Blog!



P.S. If The Rock is serious about turning the XFL into the Most Electrifying League In Sports Entertainment Today, he will turn their All-Star Game into a game of Kill The Carrier to show how the X in XFL stands for XXXXXXXXtreeeeeeeeme!