Browns Fans Try To Stay Calm: Aaron Rodgers Is Missing The Pro Bowl To Watch 5th Grade Girls Basketball in Ohio

Gosh darn it. 

I know that everyone, and I mean everyone, was over the moon to watch Aaron Rodgers lead his NFC teammates this afternoon in what was sure to be an instant classic Pro Bowl. But alas, it appears that an injury is going to hold out the soon to be 4x NFL MVP from the game's biggest stage. 

Aaron Rodgers (OUT) - Hurt Feelings

And that's not a knock on Aaron Rodgers. That's just a fact. We're going to stick to facts only in this blog. But let's not act like he wouldn't be playing this weekend if the Packers were still in the hunt. He's rightfully upset they were upset, and he clearly just doesn't want the hassle of participating in his 10th Pro Bowl weekend, especially when I'm sure all of the reporters would be lining up to ask him about his future plans. 

But apparently what he DOES want to do is fly to the great state of Ohio to take in some 5th grade girls basketball:




I don't think that's Shailene it? No, I've crossed referenced no less than 1 photo and I can confirm that is NOT Aaron Rodgers fiancé, the beautiful Miss Shailene. 

Look, like I said earlier, I'm going to stick to facts in this blog. And fact #1 is that there's only two reasons why ANYBODY would go to an Ohio 5th grade girls basketball game.

1.) To see about a girl. You all know what I'm talking about...guys will do some stupid things for women...

2.) Because you need to pass time before meeting with the Browns to discuss playing QB for them next year

You can cross Reason #1 off Aaron's list because everybody knows how important family is to him, and there's no way he would be seeing about a girl that was not his fiancé. This is not Urban Meyer we're talking about here. This is Aaron Rodgers.

But Reason #2? I cannot cross Reason #2 off the list because I cannot find any evidence that proves it to be false. If anyone can find that type of information, please send it my way. Because I am currently sitting here pretty convinced that while Aaron Rodgers might not legally be allowed to visit with other teams yet, he's in Ohio for a reason. He's either doing a conspicuous meeting at the last place on Earth that people would ever expect, a 5th grade girls basketball game, or he's scouting out how he likes the weather this time of year. Maybe that's his realtor??