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Someone Just Paid $474,000 For a Jasson Dominguez Rookie Autograph Card Despite Him Only Playing In 56 Minor League Games So Far

You remember Jasson Dominguez right? After signing with the Yankees as a 16 year old he was nicknamed 'The Martian' while compared to the likes of Mickey Mantle, Bo Jackson, and Trout. Dominguez was ranked the 32nd best prospect in baseball before he stepped on American soil for Christ's sake. Flash forward a few years and Dominguez just wrapped up his first season in pro ball (2020 would've been his first but covid wiped out the minor league season). 

He slashed .252/.353/.379 in 56 games against players several years older than him. With all the tools he possesses he's going to be really good, but it'll take some time no doubt. Still, he's currently ranked 17th out of all prospects in baseball and he's only in Low A ball. 


The hype with him isn't leaving anytime soon and that has made someone pay $474,000 for his rookie card. FOUR HUNDRED AND SEVENTY FOUR THOUSAND DOLLARS.  

My immediate and only thought is money laundering. How else could you justify such a purpose? I know next to nothing about the baseball card industry and NFTs, but this seems a bit much no? I get that it's a 1/1 auto which makes the value soar, but my god is that a lot of money for someone who has done virtually nothing so far in his career. You can't possibly have a significant other and do this right? How can you convince someone you share a life with that this is a smart play? Should we buy a house, pay for our kids college, or get this insane 1/1 auto rookie card. I guess if he turns into a hybrid Bo Jackson, Mickey Mantle, Trout then this is actually a steal? Wait a second, I think I've convinced myself in two paragraphs that spending $474,000 on a card for a guy with 56 games of minor league experience is actually a bargain. We've lost control of the hype machine.