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Jordair Jett Was Ejected From The St. Louis/Dayton Game Today ... The Same Game He Was Inducted Into The School's Hall Of Fame

If you watch college basketball you remember the name Jordair Jett. Dude was a star on the St. Louis teams when St. Louis was actually good. All-time name. All-time hair guy. So congrats to him on making the St. Louis Hall of Fame. Why does that matter? Because of this. 

Absolutely hilarious. This is how you should celebrate being in your school's Hall of Fame. The Arch Baron Cup is apparently full of hatred. Why not? I mean the A-10 sucks. At least be entertaining. We got that here. Jordair Jett getting into it with a Dayton player and Anthony Grant is laugh out loud funny. Having to get escorted out by security at your own Hall of Fame game? That's how it's done. Not like he cost St. Louis a win. They beat Dayton fair and square - sorry Doogs. 

I just don't understand how there's not video. Can camera guys start to have a sense of the moment? Pay attention when there's some words exchanged. Pay attention to what's going on. It's 2022. There should be more than just tweets in this scenario. All I know is Jordair Jett just set a new standard of celebrating your Hall of Fame induction.