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Jordan Spieth Chose To Stare Death Straight In The Face And Take a Swing Over a 68 Foot Cliff Rather Than Get Penalized a Shot

Who knew Jordan Spieth was more of a daredevil than Evel Knievel himself? That man is a risk taker. Death? Jordan Spieth scoffs at this concept. His ball positioned just inches from a 68 foot drop to his certain demise and he couldn't care less. This motherfucker took a swing directly over a goddamn cliff just to avoid a drop shot. What an outrageous graphic shown by CBS right before he hit the shot. 

HAHA get the fuck out of here. I don't care if I'm being penalized 5 strokes I'm not taking that shot. Not a chance in hell. Love how golf rules are so strict you can't just move the ball back penalty-free to avoid falling to your death.  I'm no expert by any means, but Spieth making par on this hole as he stared death directly in the face makes this the greatest par in the history of golf. 

By the way, I need a Riggs Daily 9 from that exact spot pronto. 

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