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We Have A New #1 Worst Call In Officiating History, And It's Not Even Close

What a way to honor the retirement of the great Joe West by making the worst call in officiating history just hours later. There is no explanation for this other than we found the three dumbest humans on planet earth to referee the Cavs / Hornets game last night or it was a blatant case of match fixing. But Tim Donaghy wouldn't have even had the balls to make this type of call. The whistle clearly blows, then it's a goof around fest. That's how the NBA works. Once that ball is dead, the next guy shoots it for fun, players may try to mess with him, usually a guy jumps up and goaltends the shot. But none of that matters because the ball was already dead. Everyone who's ever seen an NBA game knows exactly what I'm talking about, except for apparently the refs in Charlotte last night.

So you're telling me that if the Cavs player doesn't reach in from the bench as a joke, and that obvious practice shot is still a miss, the Cavs are just to rebound that and go? Run and transition and get themselves a bucket? Bullshit. That play gets blown dead 100x out of 100. That's where I'm confused here. I guess it's possible to miss it the first time if you're blind AND deaf, but once gathering with the other officials, fixing this should've taken about 10 seconds.

Ref 1 - "Oh, you blew your whistle 3 seconds before that whole thing went down?"

Ref 2 - "Yes"

Ref 1 - "Okay, then I guess the bench player wasn't actually interfering with a live shot, so I guess I shouldn't have counted that missed three and then given a technical to the bench player as well. Let me fix that"

The entire world - "Sounds good"

I need an investigation into the referee crew from last night. I just don't know if it needs to be a mental health investigation or a federal prosecution one. Something was not right. And apologizing afterwards does not mean one thing to me.

Uhh, ya think?