An Ode To An Elite Couch Day

Kansas City Star. Getty Images.

Today an elite couch day. No doubt about it. There's snow and ice all over the ground in my neighborhood, it's cold and more importantly it's one of the best slates we'll see in college basketball. By far the best of the year and one of the best regular season slates in a long time. Look at this. 


It all starts at noon with UConn/Nova and Indiana/Illinois, then we roll into Iowa State/Texas then Baylor/Kansas and a staggered start with USC/Arizona, Duke//UNC, Kentucky/Alabama and BYU/Gonzaga. Those are just ranked games too. That doesn't even count all the games that have NCAA Tournament implications - Texas Tech/West Virginia, Mississippi Stat/Arkansas, Wake Forest/Florida State, Dayton/Saint Louis, Michigan/Purdue and Northern Iowa/Drake. 

Adjusts pants

Today is essentially a great practice day for March. 12 hours of college hoops and a battle to grind it out on your couch. It's about being smart with selections. You can't go too light on food. You need to order at the right time so it stays balanced. Me personally? It's nachos around 1pm and then that leaves the door open for options at dinner. Maybe some Thai food, maybe some wings, maybe something really cool that we haven't even seen before. 

This is the point though. We used to look at days growing up as elite/bad. Snow days, first day of school, field trip days, etc. Now we're adults. Snow days as a dad? They stink. I need to look for some smut to blog and I got a little kid running around asking me to play with toys and shit. But a couch day? That's an elite day. We all need to recharge at times, especially if you're in your mid-30s and married. A day to pass on the bar and drink on the couch with some friends. 

Today is that day. 

Think about the schedule we have. Duke/UNC is obviously the game everyone knows and it's probably the 8th best game today or so. Also there's nothing really going on in the sports world tomorrow. Have yourself a sneaky day. Bank the good by 'staying in' today and go get wild on a Sunday. It's the way to go. It's also important to note we're running out of elite couch days. Soon the weather turns and it's patio drinking time. Once college hoops ends, it's golf and new shows. Enjoy an elite couch day like a snow day as a kid.