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Today In Joe Burrow's Life Is Awesome: Kid Cudi Asked Burrow If He Could Have His AFC Championship Jersey And Geeked Out Once It Arrived

Okay, so we have officially reached the point of Joe Burrow's life where I'm not sure if he's even real anymore or a tall tale like Paul Bunyan. Winning the Heisman, the National Championship, and potentially the Super Bowl in a three year run is completely absurd. But to have a rapper you grew up idolizing reach out to you for your game used jersey then spills more tears on Twitter than Jeff D. Lowe did after The Dozen Season 1 finale once the jersey arrives is where you either have to think of a new word for how cool he is. Actually I think we have to wonder if Burrow somehow rigged the simulation we are living in to fulfill his wildest dreams and took a tortured NFL fanbase going along for the incredible ride so none of us would question it.

What a fucking stud.