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Exile Or Death? Bane Has Officially Taken Over Chicago/Gotham As We've Now Got A Guy Walking Across Frozen Lake Michigan

I'm in absolute shambles out in Vegas right now. Had the Barstool holiday party on Wednesday night which was a fucking bender-


then had to hop on a plane Thursday morning to head to Vegas for the Chicklet's Cup, Pink Whitney Party, and my residency gig at Zouk nightclub.

I woke up to a text from Danny our Barstool Chicago Swiss Army knife/wizard with the above video telling me to blog it. 

It took me about 3 hours to nurse myself out of bed, into a shower, and to Advil away my headache. 

I figured for sure I hallucinated the whole thing when I came to. But then I watched the whole video and couldn't believe my eyes. 

What a wild fucking story.

I leave Chicago for two days and Bane has come to our rescue to seize power and enforce vigilante justice.

A scene STRAIGHT OUT OF The Dark Knight Rises where Scarecrow (Crane) presides over the court and sentences everybody to "exile or death".

And we've got our first sighting of justice being served on frozen Lake Michigan this morning.

Now if he can just detonate a bomb underneath Soldier Field with the McCaskey family and Ted Phillips in their suite we'll be really talking.


In all seriousness, this guy was apparently lost??? And didn't realize he was walking on ice.

But now he's safe and sound. 

p.s. - 

what a fucking awesome scene this was

p.p.s.- our lake is a never-ending amazement factory. Lakes > oceans.