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Ecuador Blew A World Cup Qualifier Match After Giving Up A Goal Because A Substitute Straight Up Couldn't Find His Jersey

[Sun] - But a 69th-minute goal from Edison Flores - which came when the visitors were temporarily down to ten men - saw both sides share the spoils.

The Ecuadorians' brief disadvantage was the fault of substitute Diego Palacios, who was supposed to replace the injured Ayrton Preciado in the 65th minute.

Palacios, 22, caused chaos on the sidelines by stunningly losing his SHIRT. The missing shirt caused pandemonium on the Ecuador bench as Palacios and team staff tried to find it.

Eventually, a kitman had to go back to the dressing room to grab the top for Palacios - who was stood barechested for FOUR minutes. In his post-match interview, he said: "There was a detail, because when Ayrton was injured, I wanted to put on Palacios, the shirt disappeared and that's why we couldn't make the change.

Well, chalk this one up to something new. Not sure how you LOSE your jersey, feel like that's something you should probably wear no matter what. I know they have all the warmups and stuff, just put the jersey on underneath. What's the big deal? Jerseys are sweet, especially soccer jerseys. It's not like it's uncomfortable. You just need to be ready to enter the game at all times. Can't be shirtless on the sidelines when you give up a goal to Peru and tie 1-1. Not during World Cup qualifying. If I'm playing for my country I'm wearing that jersey at all times. Might even wear my own jersey out in public. 

Here's my other qualm. How does it take FOUR minutes for someone to go check the locker room? Feel like that should be spot 2 to look besides on the bench. Also should probably send someone back to the locker room right away while people look around the bench. It reminds me a bit of this Brock Osweiler highlight. 

I just wanted to include that clip because it makes me laugh every time. All I know is you gotta be real careful in South America to make a mistake like this. They take soccer quite serious. Luckily Ecuador is still 3rd in CONMEBOL standings.