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Okay, We Have To Talk About This Week's Penultimate Chapter Of The Book Of Boba Fett


It killllllls me that I can't make that headline pop a little more because of the #SPOILERS culture we live in, even for shows that dropped more than 48 hours ago. But I also don't want to ruin the episode we just got, which actually felt like something that's not quite TV but not quite a movie. I guess that's what HBO is? 

Anyway, Dave Filoni brought a bunch of his old Star Wars toys as well as some new ones to play with and gave us everything we hoped a penultimate episode would be with a Pete Alonso fuckbomb that was a no doubter right off the bat when we saw Cobb Vanth.

Giphy Images.

I was gonna call it a 🅿️enultimate episode with the 🅿️ emoji, but I'm still not exactly sure what it means and even if I did, I'm probably too old/lame to use it

Nonetheless, Robbie and I geeked the fuck out multiple times while talking about this episode full of Jedi while also trying to figure out what the hell is going to happen in the finale next episode considering we 90% of The Book Of Boba Feet has been flashbacks or a completely different story. So check out the video above or listen on your favorite podcasting site and let's get excited about this Star Wars galaxy continuing to grow with a fanbase of actually (mostly) happy people!

Also for people that aren't diehard Star Wars fans that don't know who that big bad blue mamma jamma with the red eyes is but want to find out more, check out this video to explain why we should be worried for Boba Fett next episode, if he actually shows up for his own show next week.

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