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Glenny Balls' 6th Official Only Fans Power Rankings Of The Week

Week 6. Can't hold anything back now! I will admit that this week there's simply going to have to be some more repeat players than normal because, if we're being frank, I can't expense all these OF accounts and I'm currently at 19 (yes NINETEEN) subscriptions on my account so I'm gonna have to work with what I got while subscribing to one or 2 new ones along the way…strictly for science and nothing else. BUT like I said when I first started these things power rankings are meant to have revisited players on it! I'm a big hockey guy and the New York Rangers have been fluctuating all of over the Top 10 all year…that, my friends, is how power rankings work. So let's get into it.

#4 GVanessax


I gave the repeat warning earlier, though if you're angry over this queen being back on these rankings you're tacky & I hate you. Slowly but surely Vanessa is entering hall of fame level here for me especially after discovering she's ALSO rocking an English accent (I'm not going to lie it may be an Australian accent which I'll get to later but I'm fairly positive it's English) which I find to be quite wonderful and that's totally, absolutely, completely not because I love both Rebecca & Keeley from Ted Lasso…I'm positive it's not that reason. Absolutely positive. Not to mention as I was scrolling through her OF before doing my hard-hitting research for this blog I noticed her make a post about how she isn't allowed into Australia (why I'm scared I screwed up the accents) to see her family which she hasn't seen awhile and that made me sad. Hopefully the fellas hit her with some new subs. And it goes without saying the $4.99 subscription price is a big of a steal as ever.

#3 Olivia Joann

So, trust me, there's nothing I'd love more than to link a photo here to satisfy all you fine folks reading this, though I have no idea what any of this beautiful woman's social media is. A few times in the Only Fans game you'll actually see some models promoting other models on their own Only Fans account which is exactly how I came across Olivia who doesn't have any social media in her OF bio. Among other things that the name Olivia Joann is NOT the most unique name out there. I'm gonna go out on a limb & say there's 1 or 2 Olivia Joann's out there in the world though I can't argue the $9.50 subscription price here seems worth on the perfect combination of beauty & content here.

#2 Mikaela Latesta

Of course I wrote that whole prelude about how there may be 2 or 3 repeat people on this list and wind up was I still found up buying a few new subscriptions OBVIOUSLY. Anyway- The TikTok world strikes again here. I say it pretty much every week now, but if you are an Only Fans model reading this you NEED to post some stuff on TikTok. It looks to be a literal life hack when it comes to getting subscribers since anyone mindlessly scrolling TikTok would be pleasantly surprised to see any of your stuff so they'd then follow the trail to Only Fans…that's just how it works. I also don't need to get into how most people's scrolling Tik Tok is after dark so I think we're all smart enough to put 2 and 2 together on that forefront. And the $15 subscription price may be enough to scare some folks off here which is warranted…but it seems like there are no hand bra's on that main OF timeline so I can say to you it's probably worth it mainly off that!


#1 Kayla Lauren

Hey listen…people forget things some times. How it's taken me 6 tries to include Kayla Lauren on this list is BEYOND me since she's simply one of my all-time ladies of the gram.The tattoos combined with the classic beauty is simply a knockout combination & there's no 2 ways around that…then you add that to the world of Only Fans as well? JEEZ LOUISE! Then as if that's not enough she has the legendary Ashley Schaeffer "I can feel it in my plums" quote in her instagram bio. Did I potentially just fall in love while writing a blog? Maybe. Do I care? Nope. And the cherry on top of it all is that the Only Fans profile is free to subscribe as well so get on that. I welcome the competition!

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