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Anthony Edwards Walked Into His Press Conference And Rightfully Refused To Take Questions Until He Placed His McDonald's Order

The man said no questions! That means no questions whatsoever. Anthony Edwards doesn't have time to tell you his McDonald's order just yet until it's placed. Rightfully so too. One of my biggest pet peeves is when I'm trying to place a food order and as I'm in the middle of it, someone starts rambling about whatever. This is a society. There are rules. You stay silent when someone is placing their order until it is your turn. I don't care if it's my wife, my son, my friend, my mother, anyone. You can wait the 30 seconds that I'm making sure these fingers are hitting the right buttons. Last thing I need is a tomato in there or the wrong wing sauce or ranch instead of blue cheese. 

As for McDonald's? It's hard to go wrong here. I'm personally a 2 McDouble, no ketchup, medium fries and sweet tea order. Then again it's typically when I'm driving and refuse to stop and sit down to eat or when I'm hungover. If I'm just eating McDonald's for whatever reason? It's 1 McDouble, 10 nugget meal. Simple, I know. But I love knowing that Anthony Edwards is out there ordering the value menu. Something about that just sits right with me and shows he's going to stay true to his heart. He's waiting for the next deal to upgrade. 

Anthony Edwards remains an all-time quote/content machine. Dude is playing his ass off and just saying whatever he wants off the court. I love it. 

PS: If we're debating fast food type places the correct answer is always Bojangles.