UCLA Basketball Player Mac Etienne Was ARRESTED In The Arena After He Apparently Spit On Arizona Fans


[Source] - Mac Etienne, a redshirt freshman forward on UCLA's men's basketball team, was arrested and cited for assault after appearing to spit at Arizona fans following the Bruins' 76-66 loss to the Wildcats on Thursday night.

Etienne returned to the locker room with his team before University of Arizona police officers told him he would be placed under arrest and issued a citation for assault with "the intent to injure, provoke or insult" another person, Sgt. Sean Shields, the public information officer for University of Arizona police, told ESPN late Thursday.

Etienne was not placed in handcuffs, Shields said.

"We allowed him to go with the team back to the locker room," Shields said. "And he was arrested for assault."

According to Shields, Etienne will have a court date in Arizona but could potentially be allowed to address the citation without traveling back to the state.

What the fuck dude? This apparently happened both at halftime and after the game which means that it wasn't just one word or one thing that pissed him off. Clearly they got under his skin. You can't be spitting on people. You just can't.*

Except for Roberto Alomar and the umpire, because I loved Robbie as an Oriole

Obviously Mac is in a bunch of trouble and going to deal with shit, but now remember who his coach is. Yeah, good luck dealing with Mick Cronin. That's up there with a parent telling you they aren't mad, they are just disappointed. Mick is going to lose his shit and this is a guy you don't want mad at you. 

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I get heat of the moment. I'm all for players being able to yell back at fans and give them some shit talking. But you can't be spitting. Use your brain man. I know Etienne is injured and out for the year, but just put your head down and get to the locker room. You're playing in the biggest game of the day in a rivalry game. Of course cameras are going to be on you. All you have to do is walk into the locker room. 

Don't spit on people folks.