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Netflix Had Actors And Actresses Break The Fourth Wall In All Their Upcoming Movies For One Massive Trailer And It Is Awesome

Remember when Netflix didn't make movies? At first it wasn't even a streaming service, but instead a mail order delivery system to rent movies.  Now they're putting out their own blockbusters with actors like Ryan Reynolds, Daniel Craig, Chris Evans, and Charlize Theron like it's nobody's business. It's laughable to think about how much Netflix must have in order to pay these people. 

Whoever had the foresight to plan all this shit out and have these actors break the 4th wall while on set deserves a raise. That was fucking cool. That's how you drop your nuts and showcase all the awesome stuff you've got cooked up for 2022. Netflix stock dropped about 100 points in the market recently after failing to hit projections, but maybe getting hype around these movies can help plug some holes on the sinking ship? 

Okay maybe that's not how it works, but hey I thought that trailer was awesome. I'm excited for the Gray Man, Knives Out 2, Spiderhead, Jaime Foxx fighting vampires, and whatever Ryan Reynolds was doing. In for all of it.