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Rick Pitino Is Apparently Getting A 'Lifetime Contract' From Iona And Frankly It Still Doesn't Sound Right

First of all, good for Iona. They are getting one of the 5 best coaches in the history of this game to stay with them for however long lifetime means for Rick. Clearly he's not a young guy or anything, but he's getting to stay as long as he wants. Frankly? I hate it. It doesn't sound right. I'm not anti mid-major by any stretch of the imagination but Pitino should be at a major school. I'm glad it's not Maryland or Louisville (again), but he should be somewhere. If St. John's moves on from Mike Anderson that's where Pitino belongs. Get him back in the Big East. Get him back in the Garden. Keep him in NYC. Hell he can still live on Winged Foot if he wants. 

But Rick Pitino, Iona's head coach? That still doesn't sound right. Honestly I forget about it even as Iona is having a hell of a year. They aren't getting national coverage. They aren't on national games. You mostly have to stream the games just to see what he's doing there.

I'll say this. I feel bad for my pal Clem. The man had one of few wishes in life. 

Now he's gotta deal with Ricky P in his own conference! Brutal beat for the big man who we all want to be happy. College basketball is coach and program driven. We only get college basketball players for 5 years max - except for Jordan Bohannon and Jalen Coleman-Lands. But you get the point. It's not a secret I want as many people to watch this sport as possible. It's the sport I love the most. Rick Pitino draws people in and being at Iona just hides the casual fan from seeing how awesome he is until March. 

Congrats on the lifetime deal or whatever though. Still doesn't sound right.