Coolest Thing You'll See Today: A Milwaukee Police Officer and Huge Bengals Fan Who Was Shot on the Job Is Gifted Super Bowl Tickets

Every so often, there's a story that just makes your day better for having seen it. It seems they're fewer and farther between these days, but this is certainly one of them.

Just a week ago, Milwaukee police officer Herbert Davis was shot in the line of duty and now he's headed to Los Angeles to see his Cincinnati Bengals play in their first Super Bowl since 1989.

Fox News — Fox News previously reported that Davis responded to reports of a sick or injured man last Thursday. He discovered a man slumped over in a vehicle and attempted to check on him.

As Davis approached the vehicle, however, the suspect attempted to flee on foot and exchanged gunfire with the officer.

After shooting Davis, the suspect attempted to flee in the police officer’s car, only to crash into another motorist. The suspect attempted to flee on foot, but was apprehended without further incident.

Davis wore Bengals gear when he was released from the hospital on Sunday, WTMJ reported.

I don't even know what commentary I need to add to that video. Just a more than well-deserved act of kindness for someone who absolutely needs to be at SoFi Stadium if the Bengals win next Sunday.

Every year, you see GoFundMe pages pop up for teachers or grandpas to go to the Super Bowl, which is great. I wish everyone who ever wanted to go see their team in the Super Bowl could be there. But I've never seen someone who deserves to be there more than Davis.

I think the Bengals were America's pick anyway, but I'll certainly be rooting for Officer Davis to head back to Milwaukee having witnessed a Super Bowl victory.