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Eagles RB Boston Scott Officially Becomes The First Dual-Sport Athlete That's Signed To A Traditional Sports Team And An Esports Team. What A World.

Alright this was the last tweet I expected to see last night when I was leaving the company party after having 1000 vodka sodas. Adam Schefter....reporting on GAMING!?!? 2022 is off to an interesting start.

Hank nails it though, Boston Scott is a DEMON Rocket League player. With the signing to Dignitas, he becomes the first ever player ever signed to an NFL team and a Rocket League team.

If you've ever played Rocket League before, you know that Grand Champions are simply built different. For those not too familiar with Rocket League, it's a fairly simple game to follow: it's just soccer with mini monster trucks and an enormous soccer ball. You play the game within a closed arena and your car has a "booster" which can speed your car up and propel you into the air.

Someone at Boston's level would be able to do ridiculous air stunts and has next level control of their car.

For now, Boston Scott will just be a substitute player and content creator for Dignitas - so we'll be awaiting his first appearance with the team.

Rocket League was also part of the 2020 Olympics - so maybe in 2024 we can see Boston Scott representing America….playing virtual car soccer.

What a world.