I Cannot Wait To Get My Official Washington Comm Rag


I can just hear the PA announcer at FedEx Field right now:

"Ladies and gentlemen, if you aren't currently getting raw sewage dumped on your head from our faulty plumbing system, and if you haven't yet fallen onto the field because our stadium is held together by duct tape, and if you are actually in this stadium at all because parking is a nightmare and we're located in the middle of nowhere in Maryland, get those comm rags out and wave them in the air like you just don't care!!!! Let's hear it commies!!!!!"

I love this new name roll out. One because I think the name is actually fine, and two because we're seeing a rebrand for a multi-billion dollar franchise happen in front of our eyes for the first time, and things will always go wrong. Are we calling the Commanders the Commies for short? Absolutely are. Is it weird that the white jersey looks like the Arizona Cardinals jersey and has no burgundy on it? Yep, that's fucking weird. And have we officially decided our towels are now called Comm Rags? If I have a say in the matter, without a doubt we have.


If you can just have fun with this shit instead of yelling at the clouds "WELL THEY WILL ALWAYS BE THE REDSKINS TO ME!!!!", you will be much happier with much lower blood pressure. 

I said I would never buy merch as long as Dan Snyder owns the team, but I sorta gotta get myself a Comm Rag now.



PS: I understand people hating change. The new name doesn't erase the memories of the old one. But it was time for a new name and Commanders is cool. Snyder is still the worst human to ever live. Both can be true. But just remember (again) the new name shouldn't be your breaking point with the team, especially now. It's the same team with the same terrible piece of shit owner and the same dump of a stadium. Nothing has changed besides the mascot isn't the color of someone's skin anymore. If you were a fan before, you should still be a fan now. If you were a fan through the Sean Taylor debacle, new jerseys shouldn't change that. If you can stomach Dan Snyder having 10,000 sexual harassment lawsuits filed against him, you can stomach the Commanders. I believe in you.