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Moving The Team Back To DC Would Make All Of This Worth It


This is the biggest news of the day. Changing the name to Commanders cracks the top 5, but Mayor Bowser saying it's time for our Washington Commanders to return to DC is bigger. 

As we know, FedEx Field is a dump. No. That's wrong to say. That's insulting to places that store trash. FedEx Field is the mutant offspring of a dump and a zombie graveyard. It exists for 2 reasons- to injure players and spill sewage onto fans. It's a hell hole inside of a hole in hell. Needless to say, we need a new stadium. Badly. And they've been scouting locations, mostly in Maryland and Virginia. DC seemed to be the odd man out, until this morning. 

That's why this is so big- everyone wants the team to move back to DC. RFK stadium just sits there, entirely unused, on a big plot of land in DC. It's the perfect location for the new stadium. A state of the art stadium in the heart of DC, with space around it to develop a neighborhood? Dream come true. No need to drive 3 hours to the sticks of Maryland or Virginia, take hop on the Metro and be there in 15 minutes. 

I believe it was the DC government folk that said they wouldn't allow a new stadium as long as Dan Snyder kept the old name. Well, the name has changed, and it looks like Mayor Bowser is living up to her end of the deal. If they actually somehow, someway, find a way to actually make this happen, changing the name makes it all worth it. It's still fuck Dan Snyder forever, but that aside, this is good news.