Likely Billionaire Hue Jackson Says He Was Offered Extra Money To Lose Games By The Browns Owner

"If you're good at something, never do it for free. - The Joker" - Hue Jackson

.....Did Hue Jackson just become one of the greatest coaches in NFL history overnight? Because if his job was to lose, he was ELITE at that. I mean, who do we consider to be the greatest coach in league history? Bill Belichick? Okay, he has a career winning percentage of 67%. Hue Jackson has a career LOSING percentage of 79%! The definition of embracing your role and excelling at it.

Someone needs to start working on his bust immediately. Send that shit straight to the Hall of Fame. And not only does he belong in Canton if this is true, he also probably belongs on the Forbes 400 List. You're telling me Haslam was offering more than 100K per loss and my guy turned in back to back 1-15 and 0-16 seasons? Talk about a pay day. If Hue put that bonus money into a low-cost index fund, he's got to be looking at what, a couple billion?

And let me say this.....I'm glad my season ticket money was going to a good cause. I know I stood out there in freezing temperatures week after week to watch what I thought was the worst coach in the history of sport, but it turns out I was watching the GOAT in his prime. Hindsight is 20/20. 

***In all seriousness*** this might actually be true. Jimmy Haslam may actually have been excited to watch Hue lose. Because how else does an NFL coach go 1-15 and not get fired? We brought him back for another year and he turned in a STELLAR 0-16 performance. It all adds up now. He even got an 0-16 parade.

It was -16 degrees outside with the windchill and thousands of fans showed up to celebrate the winless season. A job well done.