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This 86 Year Old Bengals Fan Breakdown Watching The Bengals Clinch The AFC Is Skyline Chili For The Soul

WCPO - James Lipscomb has been a Bengals fan since the beginning.

In fact, it seemed almost like destiny that he’d be a fan. He attended the team’s very first game at Nippert Stadium on Aug. 3, 1968 — his birthday.

“The team was just a mish-mosh of players. It was hard to believe they even put a team on the field,” Lipscomb said. “It was against Kansas City and we got stomped to death.”

Lipscomb was a season ticket holder for decades and never deserted the team, despite the ups and many downs. Now at 86 years old, he’s ready to witness something he’s never seen before: the Bengals win a Super Bowl.

“I’ll be there if he has to drag me there in a wheel chair or a stretcher, I’ll be there. I’m telling you,” Lipscomb said.

With the help of thousands of people, Lipscomb announced on social media he will be able to attend Super Bowl LVI.

Lipscomb's family created a GoFundMe campaign called “Send Grandpa to the Superbowl” earlier this week after a video of him in tears following the Bengals' AFC Championship win went viral.

“I had this blanket around me, I just put that blanket over my face and sobbed,” Lipscomb said. “I just, being with them since 1968, I went to the Super Bowl in Detroit, but I didn’t go to the other two Super Bowls. I sat through the Freezer Bowl down in Cincinnati…it was terrible — below zero temperatures.”

The campaign raised $42,000 from more than 2,000 donors — allowing Lipscomb to get the best seats possible to cheer on his favorite team.

"People of the world, I bless you," Lipscomb said on Facebook after receiving the donations. "You have done something that many people would not think of doing — you have been such a wonderful, wonderful bunch of people that have taken me under your wing. I appreciate it, I love you, God bless you, who dey!"

This is why as much as sports can feel like a kick in the dick (like going 0 for your life betting) sometimes, they are still and always will be the best. 

I don't care if you're the biggest (checks notes for Bengals rival) Steelers? fan on the planet. Watching this old gentleman weep uncontrollably because the team he's followed (futilely) his entire life has advanced to the Super Bowl is the definition of heartwarming.

Seeing strangers come together to raise funds to not only get this guy to Los Angeles for the game, but get him seats so close he'll get contact high from Snoop and Dre's blunts during the halftime show is even more heartwarming.

There is hope for humanity yet!

Having no horse in the race this Super Bowl it's going to be really hard deciding between wanting to see Matt Stafford finally getting one or the Bengals fanbase. 

LA's window is closing very very soon. 

The Bengals have the newer version of Montana & Rice and will be dominant for years and years to come. 

But seeing this guy, who I'm sure is one of thousands of old Cincy diehards, might be the deal sealer.


not to make this about the Patriots but this guy reminds me of our guy Frank Sandler who we lost last year. Guy was an absolute legend. One of the longest season ticket holders in Patriots history. Followed them since they played at Nickerson Field and drew 2,000 people. Through the years they were the laughing stock of professional sports. And got to enjoy all their dominance before passing. Miss you Frank.