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It Brings Us No Joy In Saying That Once Again The Memphis Basketball Team Is A Complete Clusterfuck

Ah, another month, another Memphis story. This time it's Emoni Bates leaving/not leaving the program. In fact the whole Emoni Bates story is insane. He was the only sophomore to win Gatorade National Player of the Year in high school. He was originally committed to Michigan State, before decommitting. He's supposed to be a senior in high school this year but reclassified and got down to Memphis despite not being eligible for the NBA Draft until 2023. He was viewed as a no-brainer potential No. 1 pick. Now? 

Well, now it's been nothing but a disaster. He hasn't looked right at Memphis - injury or not. He was forced to be the lead guard because Penny has no idea a team needs a point guard. He was a walking turnover and struggled with shot selection. He's been viewed as a bust. It reminds me of Demetrius Walker - see if you remember that name - to a degree. 

But the larger point here is this is Memphis basketball. It's a clusterfuck. Penny keeps bringing in big names and keeps failing with big names. You have Rasheed already no longer on the bench as an assistant coach. Remember, Penny has never made the NCAA Tournament. Now you have people reporting that Emoni might leave the team and his dad saying it's all bullshit. In other words, everything is normal at Memphis. The most dysfunctional program in all of America.