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GENIUS: A New Fitness Company, "BeachSweat," Combined OnlyFans and Peloton

NY Post - It’s a calorie-burning feast for the eyes. 

The new exercise platform BeachSweat blends Peloton’s pizzazz with a spicy dash of OnlyFans. The R-rated, subscription-based website offers 30-minute high-intensity live and on-demand workout classes, led by busty, bikini-clad bombshells.

Naturally, social media’s heart rate is racing. Clips of toned, bouncing, glistening goddesses on spin bikes, in yoga poses and pumping iron have fetched upwards of 350,000 views on TikTok, luring potential subscribers.

“I saw these ridiculously beautiful girls teaching exercise classes, and I thought, ‘Oh my gosh, this is genius. I have to check this out,’ ” BeachSweat client Mark Lester, 41, told The Post. 

BeachSweat — which debuted three weeks ago as one of many pandemic-birthed, gym-free cyber workout programs — prides itself on pioneering what they call “visually inspired fitness.” 

First off, if seeing this idea didn't transport you immediately back to the ALL TIME "Call On Me" video by Eric Prydz, you're doing it wrong.

Secondly, remember those awesome real men of genius commercials back in the 2000s?

That's this guy right here who came up with this brilliant idea.

Except, it wasn't a guy. 

It was this dime.

“People get motivated to get off the couch and burn some calories when they see a sexy girl sweating and working out in a bikini,” Alexa Collins, BeachSweat’s co-founder and cycling instructor, told The Post. In just under a month, the platform has already welcomed a staggering 30,000 subscribers.

While helming each of her weekly classes — during which attendees can expect to burn about 250 calories — the 26-year-old OnlyFans model keeps viewers moving by “wearing a cute little [two piece], getting very sweaty and keeping things really fun and flirty.”

Collins and her fellow instructors enjoy a six-second broadcast delay while live-streaming workouts in their skimpy suits; if they experience a wardrobe malfunction, the stream’s producers can switch cameras and angles to avoid accidentally flashing viewers.

If there has ever been a "Blue Horseshoe loves Anacott Steel" moment, it is now.

I made a decent buck off a pre-pandemic investment in Peloton (nbd), as an early adopter (ndb) and big fan of the product I saw the tea leaves. And I'm telling you now, this is obviously not a publicly-traded company yet but do whatever you take to get your money into BeachSweat because it's headed to the moon.

Look at these instructors and look at these workouts.




So how did Alexa come up with this genius idea?

Collins and her team first came up with the concept for the risqué regimen in early 2020, when the pandemic left people looking for at-home exercise options.

“So we thought, ‘Why not hire all these gorgeous girls, who love to workout and are in shape, to do what they do on a platform that teaches other people how to sculpt their bodies in a visually entertaining way,’ ” the toned blonde said.

Rocket science this is not.

Working out sucks. Running SUCKS. But you know what makes doing it a hell of a lot easier? Being distracted by this -


Makes putting in the effort and getting your ass off the couch a hell of a lot easier.

So props to Alexa Collins for acknowledging that smut sells.

And for all the sugar daddy's out there who love to take care of their girls on onlyfans and those cam sites Alexa and crew built in a tip jar feature.

Unlike other fitness platforms, BeachSweat also has a “tip jar” feature. Customers can show a little monetary appreciation to instructors who have given them a good workout.

Make it rain daddy.


p.s. - Here's more of the instructors - 






p.p.s. - our mysterious buddy Malcolm put up a nice Alexa Collins post a couple weeks ago