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The Washington Football Team Store Has Officially Turned Into The Commanders Team Store


And there it is. As if the last 2-3 weeks of leaks weren't enough to convince you, the team store has officially turned into the Commanders team store. DC Commanders? Washington Commanders? Either way, we're the Commanders. And as I've been saying, I think the name is cool. I'm the first to poo-poo most things with this team, but I don't hate Commanders. I think they can do cool branding things with it, and it's better than most football team names. It's not a random bird, or something like Browns or dumb shit. Commanders excites me. We can turn over a new leaf and finally move forward. 

Just a reminder- The new name doesn't erase the memories of the old one. But it was time for a new name and Commanders is cool. Snyder is still the worst human to ever live. Both can be true. Both are true. 

At the end of the day, team names are like, 0% of why people root for teams. If they can build a winner in Washington nobody will fucking care what they are called. If we start 4-0, people will be hailing to the Commanders until the cows come home. The issue is nobody has any faith this team will ever win, so they hold onto the old name because of the old times. We just need a winning team SO BADLY.