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Game Hasn't Even Started Yet And Texas Tech's Hatred For Chris Beard Already Created An Unreal Atmosphere That We Won't See Again

This place is already off the rails man. We have drunk ass fans who have been camping out for days. We have people going nuts hours before tip. Texas Tech laid out a mat with Chris Beard's face on it that every student has to step on walking into the arena. 

And if that's not enough we have this. 

I know what you're thinking. This is false. It is not. As a responsible blogger I made sure to check multiple different sources here to make sure we weren't getting fooled. Chris Beard and Mark Adams did get into some confrontation at Tech's arena. It could have been a noogie. It could have been an extra firm handshake. It could have been yelling. All I know is this isn't a fake reporter and this story is far too hilarious not to be something. (It's nothing.) He works for a real news station and everything. Fuck yes. I mean it makes sense when you remember Ric Flair is in town for this game. 

Now I doubt it got into anything truly physical. Why? Because Chris Beard ain't a dummy. Mark Adams is a Golden Glove boxer. In fact he once beat up a bear in front of Chris Beard. 

This place is going to be unbelievable tonight. There's true animosity on both sides with Texas Tech fans pissed Beard would leave for Texas. Beard has some animosity because of how everyone turned on him and the whole freak out from Tech fans. It makes for a great rivalry. I also understand a bit more with the 30 extra cops. 

Shit you even got former Beard players at Tech trolling him with his old LIFE SIZE bobblehead of himself. A real thing he had done. 

This place is going to be unreal. I'm not lying when we say we won't see this again. The only thing that was close was Rick Pitino coaching for Louisville after coaching at Kentucky. There was a mutli-year gap and before he went there. The way Beard left and everything else? We won't see this again. You just don't get coaches leaving for other schools in their conference let alone the bigger school in the state within that.