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Brian Flores Is Suing The NFL Alleging The Giants Were Racist In The Hiring Process (With Texts From Bill Belichick As Proof), John Elway Showed Up Hungover For Flores' Interview With The Broncos, And Stephen Ross Offered To Pay Flores To Lose Games During The #TankForTua Season

HOLY SHIT, Brian Flores just dropped a nuclear bomb on the NFL right as Goodell was getting the Super Bowl hype machine revved up. I opened up the PDF file in the tweet above and quickly remembered why I never went to law school as my eyes glazed over when I saw 58 pages. Luckily, Twitter does a pretty good job breaking everything down because there is A LOT to unpack here.

We start things off with a heavy allegation against my New York Giants, who appeared to finally get out of the cycle of embarrassing football hell as much off the field as on the field when they hired Joe Schoen and Brian Daboll. However that lasted roughly 72 hours after Flores claims they interviewed him for the head coaching job after they had already made the decision to hire Daboll.

The alleged smoking gun in all this? A Bill Belichick text message, which I honestly didn't know Bill would even send since it would be something on the record. However it appears he sent it and even signed it BB, so you know it's legit. 

Belichick messing up the two Brians in his phones definitely checks out since Mr. Snapface doesn't know how to use technology.

Reports had Schoen wanting his from Buffalo guy in Daboll, but John Mara also wanting Flores, who was reportedly very involved from the day Joe Judge got fired.

On top of that, Flores says the Broncos brought him in for a similar type of bullshit interview back in 2019, with Broncos GM John Elway and Broncos CEO Joe Ellis showing up in rough shape.

Then once you move past the alleged racism that makes a complete sham of the Rooney Rule, we dive into the integrity of the actual games with Flores saying Ross offered to pay him $100,000 for every loss during the 2019 season. The idea of the Dolphins tanking isn't a shock since I think #TankForTua trended before they even started playing that year and it later evolved into #BombForBurrow once the legend of Joe Brr was born. But nobody knew about it to the point an NFL owner was allegedly paying the coach to actually lose games, which feels like it would be the plot for a modern day reboot of Major League.

In addition to allegedly trying to lose games, we also have some moderate to heavy tampering charges about a "prominent QB" that just so happened to be a free agent after the 2019 season.

Hmmm, which QBs were free agents back then?

Interesting. We know Jerry Jones was never gonna let Dak leave the Cowboys as a restricted free agent and Drew Brees may actually be considered part of the city of New Orleans. Who could that prominent free agent QB be? I'm not sure but I'll ask for some help.

Alexa, were there any prominent free agent QBs that Brian Flores mentioned during the 2020 offseason who he may have worked with back in his New England days?

Giphy Images.

I don't know what Flores can prove in terms of  or how this stuff will hold up in a court of law. The Giants have since released a statement, which feels like something they have been doing a lot recently, claiming no wrongdoing.

Along with the NFL calling this entire suit without merit while it's still warm from the printer.

Add it all up and the NFL has the appearance of being just as shady as we think it is. Best of luck planning for the Big Game™, Rog and keep the media machine chugging!