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This Butt Chinned Idiot Is The Only Masshole With The Correct Take On Brady's Retirement Announcement

Typically I like to stay out of the mud unless someone comes at me. That's not to say I'm good at staying out of the mud, but I typically like to avoid it unless someone has singled me out directly.  For instance, Marty Mush, that moron, opened his mouth about the White Sox 2 years ago. Ya know what happened when he decided to run his mouth?

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That's why you see me shout facts about the Yankees day in and day out. If you follow me, you'll see me calling out that disgusting greaseball fanbase and their decent team non-stop on social media. I just spit fact…after fact…after fact about them. For instance I like to remind those greasy losers that Gerrit Cole is their only legit SP, that the rest of their rotation is littered with question marks, and that they need a 1B, CF, C, depth and more than likely an upgrade at their MIF and 3B if they want to be true contenders for #28.


Anyways, I digress….but it's not too dissimilar to the rampage KFC has been on about Brady and the Pats this morning. He's RELISHING in Pats fan misery this morning and as someone who loves spite and grudges as much as I love my family, I'm enjoying it. In the end, fuck Tom Brady and fuck Pats fans. Signed - a guy who has a pretty miserable sports existence. The fact that you assholes think Tom Brady owes you ANYTHING AT ALL is beyond funny. BEYOND. He's given you EVERYTHING already. He owes you fucking NOTHING. It sucks that we all know Brady will be fellating the Pats and Pats fans to completion soon enough. If it were up to anyone not associated with that organization in even a minuscule way, he'd ride off into the sun set with his model wife without mentioning the Pats one iota from now until the day he dies. 

Anyways, Dave Portnoy - who has said countless times that Barstool wouldn't be the machine it has become if it weren't for Tom Brady and the Pats dynasty - is the biggest offender. He's conducting the "fuck this" train of Pats fans and demanding a thank you. I can't believe I'm about to say this, but that butt-chinned idiot Ryan Whitney NAILED his response to Portnoy:

Is he the only masshole with a brain? Fuck out of my face. MJ doesn't owe Bulls fans anything. Kane and Toews don't owe Hawks fans anything. Rizzo don't owe Cubs fans anything. Paulie, Frank, and Buerhle don't owe Sox fans anything, and aside from MJ, none of those players I named hold a candle to Brady. Tom Brady has given that dumpy section of the country everything and then some. The last 20 years have been a success that will probably never be matched again in the NFL, at least not during our lifetimes.

Whitney, you're a skinny fat butt chinned idiot but you won this one. Touch em all. Any Pats fan demanding a thank you needs to jump off a cliff