Adam Schefter Has To Be The Most Relieved Person On The Planet Right Now

Let's go live to Bristol to see Schefter right after he tweeted this.

Yeah yeah yeahhhhh I know Adam Schefter is a professional "Insider" (which is admittedly hilarious to write out) who triple sources his double sources, has backup batteries to his backup batteries so his phone never misses a text, and will even send stories he is working on to the person they are about to make sure everything is EXACTLY how they want it.

But holy shit, Schefty has to feel more relieved that Tom Brady retired than he does after pissing for the first time after the NFL Draft. To try to scoop the greatest football player's retirement after sending out God knows how many Jimmy G puff tweet for Don Yee only for it to blow up in his face right would've been the biggest story since, well I guess Tom Brady deciding to play a spite season at the age of 45 because he's a sick fuck. Every single tweet Schefter sent for the rest of his life would have been doubted, chirped, and asked to be verified by Ian Rapoport, who would've been the biggest winner in all this outside of Steven Cheah.

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Which is why it's no surprise that Schefty was liking tweets doubting him because he knew he had the jump on Brady.

Look at the heavy hitters on that list. Shooter McGavin. Barstool SPORTS. The man who signs my checks. Schefty must've been putting himself to sleep at night by saying all those names like he was Arya Stark, focused on revenge on his biggest scoop before he hits insider free agency, which again is a hilarious thing to think about.

Thankfully for Schefter, Brady threw him a bone by calling it a career instead of going Man On Fire and leading his team to an undefeated regular season or championship like he did after Spygate, Deflategate, and the Patriots dumping him to the curb. But that doesn't mean the drama surrounding all this is over. Not by a long shot.

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Can't wait.