Joe Shiesty is very Cool, But We Are Forgetting About Frat Stafford

I am a huge Joe Burrow fan. I used to follow the Elite 11 competition way more closely tears back and he was a name that was one that didn't make the cut but would pop up now and then. When finally till he transferred the LSU I kinda felt like when a alt band went mainstream. Everyone knew him. The thing is, Joe Burrow is really cool. He just oozes swagger and confidence. Today it is very easy to show off your personality through Tik Tok and modern media. Hell, think of all the cool quarterbacks we have seen over the years- Johnny Manziel, Lamar Jackson, Cam Newton, Swag Kelly, Baker Mayfield, and now Burrow. We are even seeing new-age guys like Will Levis and Jack Coan who are getting into Tik Tok who seem pretty chill. But before modern media there used to be a pretty fuckin cool QB who in his day, was a dude who you wanted to party with. 

Introducing to some of our younger readers- Frat Stafford.

Frat Stafford looks pretty fucking chill. You're telling me the guy recording himself dancing with girls totally wouldn't be Tik Tokkin and acting chill af to today's standards? I am not trying to say Frat Stafford is cooler than today's Burrow, but for those of us thinking that Joe Burrow's swag is what's going to bring the Bengals a super bowl, needs to take into account Frat Stafford's ancient power. 

Do you think Joe Burrow's glasses are cool? You gotta see who else rocked glasses he thought was sick back in the day- Frat Stafford used to party when Nickelback was mainstream and cool, the days when you sang Rockstar unironically.

Look my only point is that we need to take into account Matt Stafford's swag, we have only been talking about Joe Shiesty. People need to remember Frat Stafford in this equation.

This is some don’t give a fuck confidence right here.